Sunday, 29 July 2018

Lego Hacking: Lego + Code

Lego Hacking : Lego + Code

Blog 1: Lights on: Link

Blog 2: The Micro:bit Express V1 : Link

Blog 2a: Edublocks Micro:bit Express V1 version(simple motor control)  link

Blog 2b: Edublocks Micro:bit Express V1.5 Remote controlled link

Blog 3: Micro:bit Express 2.0 'adjustable speed' : Link 

Blog 4: The Raspberry Express : Link  

Blog 5 : Micro:bit controlled Lego Ferris Wheel : Link

Blog 6: Raspberry Pi powered Lego Ferris wheel : Link 

Blog 7: 3D printed Lego Christmas Tree / coded light : Link

Blog 8:Lego RC "car" with Raspberry Pi : Link

Blog 9: Blocks controlling blocks: 'Using Minecraft to control Lego motors' : Link

Blog 10: Raspberry Zero Express Link

Blog 11: Stop frame animation with Lego : Link

Blog 12:  Micro:bit controlled Rollercoaster Link

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