Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Lego + Micro:bit + edublocks 1: ''Lights on"

Lego + Code blog 1 : 'Lights on'

You will need:

  • A Micro:bit
  • USB power cable for Micro:bit
  • 3 x crocodile clips
  • 1 neo-pixel 
  • A Lego building of your choice(I borrowed my sons Police building)
Step 1 Connect the crocodile clips to the Micro:bit.

Step 2 Connect your crocodile clips to the input on the neo pixel.

Step 3 Attach neopixel on your building.

Step 4 Head over to

Step 5 Create the following code:

Step 6: Download hex and copy and paste it to your Micro:bit

Step 7: After it flashes press the 'a' button to turn on the lights and 'b' to turn off.


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