Thursday, 10 May 2018

Scratchy:bit IO getting started

Full credit is given in the read me of the zip file. Suffice to say I have used BitIO built by David Whale and a Python to Scratch script created by Laurence Molloy.

It essentially allows you to use the Micro:bit to interact and control Scratch. I have created a simple demo to get you started.

Step 1. You will need to download the tar / zip file from here link

Step 2: Unzip the folder by extracting it.

Step 3: Follow the following file path Scratchy:bit IO-master/src

Step 4: Open Scratch 1.4  from the programming menu and open the 'Scratchy:bit IO led' project 

Step 5:  Click on the green flag to run the project.

Step 6: Open Python 3 from the programming menu.

Step 7: From the Scratchy:bit IO-master/src file path open the script.

Step 8:  Press f5 to run the script. 

Step 9: On first run you will have to run through the following steps to set up your Micro:bit

First of all it will display this message:

No micro:bit has previously been detected
Scanning for serial ports
remove device, then press ENTER

Step 1. So unplug the Micro:bit and press enter.

Step 2  Next the following text will display:

found xx device(s)
plug in device, then press ENTER 

 Step 3  Now press enter and the following text will display:

found 68 device(s)
found 1 new device
Do you want this device to be remembered? (Y/N)

Step 4 Press 'y' and enter to confirm and the following text will display:

Your micro:bit has been detected.
Now running your program

Step 10 Finally if you click on the 'a' button you see some events take place. You can also press 'b' and use pins 0,1,2.

See below for button 'a' being pressed