Friday, 15 December 2017

M:EE MakeCode blog 6: My first Mini Game

M:EE MakeCode blog 6: My first Mini Game

In this mini game you will:
  • Learn to use variables
  • Incrementing variables
  • Triggering events with commands
  • Concatenating variables and string message  

Step 1: The aim of the game is that you type in type in the folowing into chat 'Start game'

Step 2: A Blaze will apppear 10 blocks in front of you. You need to kill it and for each Blaze that you kill it will increase your points by one. Each time you achieve this a message will be displayed that says you current score.

Step 3: Finally a new Blaze will spawn and this continues indefinetly.
Extension: Can you add code that turns the game off. 

Here is the Mini game in action:
Whack the Blaze....

Earning points.....



Chris Penn

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