Tuesday, 12 December 2017

M:EE Make Code blog 3: Rainbow Road

M:EE Make Code Blog 3: Rainbow Road

This builds in from blog 2 which was laying one block underneath the player. Then another block undereneath that. It ends up lookng like this:

This blog builds on from that and lays a Rainbow road spanning across from right to left from the centre of the players position. The code looks like this:

Points to not the first coordinates are x they are the blocks left to right of the player. Pink is directly where the player is set x-1 is left one block and so on. X +1 is one to the right of the player. Furthermore the second cooordinates Y are all -1as they are all set to 1 below the player.

Here is what your output looks like:

Thats it! well done you have extended your code to walk in colourful style.


Chris Penn

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