Tuesday, 12 December 2017

M:EE Make Code blog 1: Getting started.

Getting started with Make Code and Minecraft: Education Edition.

Step 1: Log in launch M:EE you will need a valid log in.

Step 2: Once you have validated your log in then select play. 

Step 2: Load up a new world, or use an existing one.

Step 3: Load the Code Connection app. See below:

Step 4: Load up the Make code on website https://minecraft.makecode.com/ and open new project. This step may not be needed but was the only way I have found so far to get Make Code to launch.

Step 5: Switch to the Code Connection app and copy the IP address.  

Step 6: In M:EE press 't' on the keyboard to open chat, paste in the server address by pressing control v. Press enter to execute. 

Step 7: Then this should load....

However I found it to be a little bit hit and miss so you may need to try a few times. This might just be my isolated experience.

Step 8: Chose which ap you would like to use I chose Make Code. This should then appear on the left half of the screen like thus with M:EE on the right.

Step 9: See the next blog for your first coding adventure.
Step 10

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