Monday, 24 July 2017

BitIO blogs in one place

Here you will find a central resource to all blogs that are written about using BitIO over the next few weeks /months:

Blog 1: Getting Started with BitIO

Blog 2: Extending the Accelerometer demo: Walking Rainbow Blocks

Blog 3: Extending the accelerometer 'Tilting Rainbow Road'

Blog 4: 'Tilt me around the world'

Blog 5: 'Touching pins..... simple'

Blog 6: 'Touching pins takes you places'

Blog 7: ''Minecraft CPU temperature graphing"

Blog 8: Accelerometer in Space.!/2017/12/virtual-jam-blog-3-bitio-blog-8space.html

Blog 9: PixelCraft

Blog 10: Micro:bit Transport

Blog 11: Pixel Craft 2.0

Blog 12: Pixel Cakes(RPI big birthday weekend resource)

Blog 13: "Push button racing"

Blog 14: Scalable Housing

Blog 15: Edublocks BitIO

16 Introduction to Scratchy:bit IO

You can now download a pdf version of these tutorials as part of the updated #hackpack resource booklet here:

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