Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Whack a block triggering events in Minecraft

Yesterday I dug out the GuiZero menu that I had created to run some basic scripts I have created in Minecraft. I have dug a little deeper into the archive to just over a year ago. I put together Martin O'Hanlons MCPIstuff library and some further work by Dr Scott Turner which created a moving X Wing. In a nutshell my if you whack certain blocks it triggered certain events.

In summary when you run the Python script in 2.7 if you lay the blocks you see below it will trigger the following events:

  • 46: TNT Random storm trooper
  • 20: glass a Random rainbow wall
  • 41:gold Rainbow Storm trooper
  • 2:grass Clears the wall
  • 47: bookshelf Launch Xwing.
You can download the files needed here:


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  1. Love it and thank you very much for the mention. Details of the moving x-wing can be found at