Wednesday, 29 March 2017

#Hackpack resources and the community input

The #hackpack resources were created over the last few years by myself, Dan Aldred and Ben Davies. With other resources contributed from various others including Crazy Squeek and Elton Lane and . You can access it here:

My favourite and favourite at past RJams and when used in class has been "Forcefield" by Elton Lane. Page 60.

Ben Davies' Sonic Pi and Minecraft codes have always looked awesome but I have never had time to try out. That is changing at up coming Minecraft Raspberry Jam and Leamington Raspberry Jam. 

This would not have been as varied and rich in content without the community around the Raspberry Pi circuit. At last count it is over 200 pages long so it has lots of useful stuff in it KS 2/3 /4 appropriate.  Feel free to have a play :) 

P.s. credit where credit is due if I had not read about this half finished book by Craig Richardson then well this wouldn't exist :) 

Furthermore 50-60% of my ideas usually stem from something that I have seen here:


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