Sunday, 21 January 2018

BitIO blog 10: Micro:bit transport

This code uses the Micro:bit as an interactive controller in Minecraft. You can read all about it in BitIO blog 1 here to fully understand how to set it up and run it. But suffice to say that the Brains behind it is David Whale. Over the course of the the last 5 months I have been integrating the Micro:bit into my Minecraft coding experiments. This is the latest.... In a short summary this allows you to create a TNT line of blocks and through the press of the 'a' button on the Micro:bit allows you to power the character along. If you press the 'b' button you can teleport back to your starting point. You can see for yourself below:

Below you can see a twitter video of this code working:

Picture of code working in Minecraft:

Here is the code:



Chris Penn.

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