Thursday, 26 October 2017

SOL: Visual coding with Scratch SOL all in one place

Over half term I have been putting together a SOL for year 7 at the the school that I work at. Below are the links to the resources that I have created thus far. I will continue to add more documentation and refinements over the coming 6 weeks. For now I have linked to the Scratch templates and solutions to the activity. Instructions and the slideshow will follow when complete along with a Socrative end of topic test.

Blog 1:  'L1: Input, process, output' Completed in full

Blog 2:  'L2: Variables and conditionals and operators' Solution and template available

Blog 3: 'Big Red Button'

Blog 4:  'L4:Message passing' Solution and template available

Blog 5:  'L5: Lists' Solution and template available

Blog 6:  'L6: 'EOT' (No resources yet)

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