Monday, 17 April 2017

Blog 5: What can "UCreate" with a Micro:bit and a Rasperry Pi 1 (Minecraft Pi and Micro:bit TNT roulette )

Last summer I created some resources to use with Micro:bit/s for CPC and over the next few months and I will try and share the best bits with the kind permission of CPC. 

You can go and buy a Micro:bit project kit from here:

This project uses the Micro:bit serial connection with the Pi to randomly send 1 or 0 through the serial connection to tell the Pi based python script whether or not to lay an active TNT block or inactive TNT block. Thus it is called TNT roulette. :)

Picture of set up of Micro:bit plugged into the Pi


You will need to have a Raspberry Pi and Micro:bit for this to work. You will need to install MU on the Raspberry Pi to flash the micro python script. You will need to keep the Micro:bit plugged into the Pi usb port. 

Here is the micro python script for the Micro:bit: 

#Written by David Whale and Martin O’Hanlon edited by Chris Penn
from microbit import*
import random


BlockID = 46
ActiveValues = [0,1] # 0 = off

def get_data():
    a, b = button_a.was_pressed(), button_b.was_pressed()
    Active  = random.choice(ActiveValues)
    print(a, b, BlockID,Active)

def run():
    while True:

Python code to go on the Raspberry Pi

N.b. This needs to be run in Python 2.7

Code written by Martin O'Hanlon in the following blog post:
I have added a few bits on top
import serial
from mcpi.minecraft import Minecraft
from time import sleep
from mcpi import block as block
import random

PORT = "/dev/ttyACM0"
BAUD = 115200

s = serial.Serial(PORT)
s.baudrate = BAUD
s.parity   = serial.PARITY_NONE
s.databits = serial.EIGHTBITS
s.stopbits = serial.STOPBITS_ONE
#read the first line and flush any bad data

def read_microbit_data():
    #read a line from the microbit,
    data = s.readline()
    #split the microbit data into x, y, z, a, b
    data_s = data.rstrip().split(" ")
    a = True if data_s[0] == "True" else False
    b = True if data_s[1] == "True" else False
    BlockID = int(data_s[2])
    Active = int(data_s[3])
    return a,b,BlockID,Active
mc = Minecraft.create()
    playerPos = mc.player.getTilePos() 
    while True:
        a,b,BlockID, Active = read_microbit_data()
        if a == True:
            pos = mc.player.getPos()
            msg = "Button pressed = ",str(a),"+ Block ID = ",BlockID," + ", "Active=",Active


1. Having flashed your Micro:bit script and leaving your Micro:bit plugged into your Pi.
2. Open Minecraft, create a new world, ensure you can see the character like in the picture above, minimise the screen. 
3. Run the Python code in 2.7 from above. 
4. Press the A button on the Micro:bit, look at Minecraft and you should see a TNT block has been dropped. Whack it to see if it is active or not!


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