Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Leamington Raspberry Jam and 2017 .....

On Saturday  the latest Jam was held in Leamington Library. For the first time we used Microbits as to with Rasberry Pi's.

The first session was creating a traffic light using a single Neo pixel attached to a Microbit. It was coded using Micropython. The second session was using the Microbit as a trigger to start a traffic light sequence in Minecraft. Here is the link for the sheet that was: used https://github.com/ncscomputing/Hackpack/blob/Volume-5/Microbit%20Traffic%20lights.docx

It was really nice to see people turn up and enjoy themselves. Credit goes to the year 8 lad who traveled from Coventry who managed to combine both sessions into one complete solution. He clearly has the nack :). There was a year six student who attended who goes to the Code Club at the same venue. She said that her session was led by a man called Sam. So fair play to him for encouraging her to come along.

Next up is Minecraft Library Jam in May get your tickets here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/minecraft-library-jam-coventry-central-library-tickets-32203062226

After that July's Jam at Nicholas Chamberlaine School and maybe a few more in between.  

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