Thursday, 31 March 2016

My slice of Pi

Over the past two years I have sunk a lot of time into all things Raspberry Pi in a bid to engage with concepts that dropped out of my brain in 2005 when I graduated. Why? well like most IT teachers I have noticed that the curriculum has changed a wee bit. Over the same sort of time period I have seemed to develop a bit of a niche for Minecraft programming and even host the odd Raspberry Jam or two. I have resisted to write any form of blog until now, My main reasoning behind this is to expand on the programs that I created as part of relearning to program in the #hackpack resources that I have curated. The booklets/ pdf's merely provide some plug and play instructions.

Here is the link to the #hackpack anthology:

Here are a few blog posts that I have written over the last year of playing with Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Jam.

Falling into Raspberry Pi ...... where it all started off guest post for Spencer Organ:

Tour the world with Minecraft and Python for Team Kano:


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